About Us

Welcome to Zavieh

We are a unique non-profit society that welcomes participants with diverse views. Our aim is to create an environment where people interested in mysticism and the path to spiritual perfection can get together, learn and practice cultivating love.

The general idea of ZAVIEH is to enrich the lives of every participant, to promote unity, provide a space for study and practice of mysticism while sharing the experience of the journey called LIFE.

Through active interaction in Zavieh, we strive to learn, understand, practice and move on the path of perfection. Therefore, Zavieh could be viewed as a dynamic entity, which will change as its members evolve.

We derive our strength from appreciation of beauty and wish to draw some of that beauty to ourselves by attempting to be of benefit to others and wanting for others what we want for ourselves.


Activities of Zavieh Mystical Society

  • Sessions of studying Rumi’s masterpiece, the Mathnawi (in English and Farsi) taught by Dr. Parviz Sahabi
  • Sessions for bringing body and soul together
  • Gatherings, celebrations and publications