Arts Review at Zavieh
February 17, 2007
(The Shadow Warrior)
Director: Akira Kurosawa

Kagemusha centers on the Takeda clan, one of three warlord clans battling for control of Japan at the end of the feudal period. When Lord Shingen (Tatsuya Nakadai), head of the Takeda clan, is mortally wounded in battle and near death, he orders that his death be kept secret and that his "kagemusha"--or "shadow warrior"--take his place for a period of three years to prevent clan disruption and enemy takeover. The identical double is a petty thief (also played by Nakadai) spared from execution due to his uncanny resemblance to Lord Shingen--but his true identity cannot prevent the tides of fate from rising over the Takeda clan in a climactic scene of battlefield devastation.

When: Sunday February 17. 2008
Start: 3:30 PM

Giving Back to the Community
December 5, 2007

Zavieh is collecting gifts to share within the community. This is its third annual “Giving back to the community” event. It has started from December first and will end on December 21st.

Every body can participate in this fun activity. Zavieh encourages people to support "Tiny Bundles Hampers" by bringing new toys, baby food, baby formula and other kid's supplies. It also invites people to help "Food Bank", by donating canned food, pasta and rice.

New winter clothing such as warm socks, gloves, hats, scarves and winter sweaters are also among items being collected. "This, in a small way, will show our appreciation to our community", says Mehdi Yousef-Zadeh the director of Zavieh.

Zavieh also accepts monetary donations towards this event. People who are interested can drop their contributions to Zavieh located at Unit M44-970 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC.